EPA Approved Against Coronavirus

The Benefits of The Bathroom Cleaners

Benefits for your Restrooms

Complete clean and disinfect of the entire room (Toilets, urinals, sinks, walls and floors) All contaminants removed every time.

Preventative maintenance for the room (dirt and smells don’t build up over time. Old rooms start looking new. New rooms stay that way)

Health Benefits

Fighting the virus with EPA approved cleaners that are safe to inhale and don’t contain any nasty chemicals.

Removing all of the other unpleasant things in bathrooms (fecal bacteria, urine, influenza, eColi, salmonella, norovirus etc.)

Benefits to Your Customers

Most studies show that ~75% of customers will not return to an establishment if they feel their restrooms are not clean.  

Allow staff to focus on cleaning other areas of building.  Keep your current customers happy while attracting new collects.

Converting High-Risk Environments to Healthy Environments