EPA Approved Against Coronavirus

How We Work

We like to be transparent and communicative every step of the way.  The first thing we do is have a conversation with your business about your needs and the areas of concern. From there we can determine schedule for cleanings or set up a deep clean appointment.

Already have a cleaning team?  We are more than happy to work hand-in-hand with your current cleaning team.

We are happy to clean during off-hours or under the supervision of your current facilities team.  

The Wrong Tools Makes the Problem Worse

We already know that what happens in the restroom definitely doesn’t stay in the restroom. Studies show that these pollutants eventually make their way throughout the entire facility if not removed at the source. Old fashioned tools like mops, buckets and rags are not designed to fully remove dirt, soils and pathogens so using them amplifies this risk of cross contamination. 



That's Why We Believe In Kaivac Technology


Kaivac’s systems use powerful pressure washers and vacuums to remove soils and bacteria quickly and safely, with a very low risk of cross-contamination.


We don’t cut corners and will always use healthy chemicals.  These solutions are not only proven to fight COVID-19, but are also EPA friendly and school-safe. 

Consistency Is Key


We understand the importance of a clean, safe restroom.  That’s why we are committed to delivering consistent results.

The process we follow and the tools we use ensure that your restrooms are always sparkly clean and fully sanitized.

With The Bathroom Cleaners, we make sure that your restrooms are as clean as new, every time.

Our Process was Developed to Handle High-Risk Environments